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This is a 27-minute video which begins with Mr. Beecher telling you how and why he got into the business of being an actor along with some of his personal experiences.  He tells you why he has never been sorry he became an actor and illustrates all the benefits of being an actor.  You will have the experience of being in one of his classes where he demonstrates and explains techniques with the help of two of his students in a "man and woman" scene.  It will help you start out doing the right things and save you from making many common mistakes.  You will also get written material on what to do and a written copy of the scene demonstrated in the video.  That way, you can work on the scene yourself with a friend. 


In this 24-minute video, you will experience being in one of Mr. Beecher's commercial classes where he explains and demonstrates acting techniques with the help of two of his students doing two different commercials.  He covers the use of cue cards and camera technique.  You will also get written material and written copy of the two commercials.  Using the tape, you can practice doing the two commercials.

A great deal of the value of a class is the repetition of hearing valuable acting points over and over again until they are stored in your subconscious.  Now you can get this with both of these tapes by playing them over and over again.

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